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EVE Comparative Visualizer version 3.3 released

San Diego, CA (January 17, 2006) - Eidogen-Sertanty has announced a new release of the EVE™ Comparative Visualizer software. EVE version 3.3 contains several significant feature enhancements including:

  • More Flexible and Robust handling of Docking Results
    • Streamlined GUI interface for importing of ligand SD files into EVE
    • Batch-mode importing of SD Files for large-scale Site-Ligand Contact (SLiC™) binding mode analysis
  • Additional LigandCross options
    • Users can now run the LigandCross command in a number of new ways, including batch-mode analysis that writes out all hybridized ligands resulting from the cross directly to an SD file.
  • Improved 2D Ligand Viewing in the EVE Target Analyzer Window
    • A separate 2D Ligand window can now be opened, enabling rapid and dynamic visualization of multiple 2D Ligand structures at a time.
  • Additional EVE 3D Visualizer Window options
    • Receptor-ligand interactions can now be colored by critical binding mode contacts (similar to Site-Ligand Contact coloring observed in the Target Analyzer)
    • Residues can be colored by overlaid distance
    • Multiple consecutive residues can now be easily selected
    • 3D Goggle support is now enabled

About EVE

The Eidogen Visualization Environment (EVE) is an integrated environment for the comparative analysis of biological and chemical structures, providing the client-side interface for visualization of structural data exported from Eidogen-Sertanty's Target Informatics Platform (TIP™) and allowing users to interrogate it with their own small molecule data. Key Features of EVE include:

  • Easy-to-use interface, coupled with project manipulation and customization capabilities fosters efficient communication and sharing of data among project team members
  • Rapidly perform side-by-side comparisons and overlays of whole protein structures or individual binding sites using pre-computed alignments
  • Integrated Chemogenomic Analysis Tools:
    • Site-Ligand Contact (SLiC™) analysis for comparison of ligand binding modes and high-throughput analysis of binding poses from docking analyses
    • LigandCross™ for creation of novel ligand scaffolds from bound ligands

EVE ScreenShot

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Steve Muskal

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