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Eidogen-Sertanty Releases TIP-Enterprise

San Diego, CA (February 12, 2007) - Eidogen-Sertanty has announced the next quarterly release of the Kinase Knowledgebase (KKB), continuing its consistent growth of over 20K new data points per quarter. The KKB is Eidogen-Sertanty's database of biological activity data, structure-activity relationships (SAR), and chemical synthesis data focused on protein kinases - one of the most therapeutically important classes of drug targets. The KKB now covers 1,112 journal articles and 1,873 patents with over 253,500 SAR data points. The overall number of unique small molecule structures for kinase modulators in the KKB is now greater than 430,000. For more information about the Kinase Knowledgebase, please visit the Kinase Knowledgebase Product Description page.

Activity Data Point Growth
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