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Eidogen and Sertanty Complete Merger to Become Eidogen-Sertanty, Inc.

San Diego, CA (March 9, 2005) - Sertanty, Inc., a provider of cheminformatics products and services, and Eidogen, a provider of structural informatics products, have completed a merger of the two privately held companies. The combined company, Eidogen-Sertanty, Inc., is a knowledge-based drug discovery solutions provider, offering a suite of cheminformatics and structural informatics products and services to a worldwide customer base of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Steven Muskal, Ph.D., founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sertanty, is the Chief Executive Officer of the new company and Derek Debe, Ph.D., founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eidogen, has assumed the role of Chief Scientific Officer

"With diminishing productivities, expiring patent portfolios and increasing brain-drain from retiring drug discovery veterans, the pharmaceutical industry is in dire need of technologies that improve the odds and lower the costs associated with drug discovery," commented Dr. Muskal. "The synergy between Sertanty's ligand-based technologies and Eidogen's target-based technologies can substantially improve the effectiveness, creativity and overall success of any drug discovery program. Combining great people and world-class technologies solidifies Eidogen-Sertanty's position as a leading provider of solutions for knowledge-based drug discovery."

"The merger of Eidogen and Sertanty represents an immediate benefit to the customer base of both companies, because it enables us to offer a unique suite of software, content and discovery services encompassing both structural and chemical informatics," explained Dr. Debe. "By integrating these two areas, Eidogen-Sertanty is the only provider of knowledge-driven drug discovery technologies and services that span the entire discovery pipeline from target identification to lead optimization."

Eidogen-Sertanty Products and Services

Sertanty provides knowledge-based software, chemistry and Kinase family structure-activity knowledgebases, as well as collaborative services that accelerate the workflows associated with discovering and evolving novel, medicinally relevant compositions of matter. The integration of chemistry, biology and predictive sciencesin Sertanty's easy to use LUCIA™ platform significantly accelerates the discovery cycle from hit to lead. LUCIA empowers chemists with capabilities for efficient, prospective exploration of synthetic strategies in the context of known structure-activity data and corresponding structure-activity computational models.

Eidogen has developed the industry's first and only informatics platform that bridges the existing knowledge gap between biology and chemistry. Eidogen's unique Target Informatics Platform™ (TIP™) manages proprietary target sequence and structure information, enables rapid sequence-to-structure generation and systematic annotation of ligand binding sites, and, most importantly, establishes N-by-N correlations between all targets at the levels of sequence, structure, binding site and receptor-ligand interaction.

The Eidogen-Sertanty team is uniquely positioned to collaborate with partners in structure-based tool design and knowledge-based drug discovery, as well as target discovery and prioritization projects. The talented team can either work closely with others on a collaborative basis or provide access to any of the company's platforms via technology licenses. For more information, please visit the website at or contact

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