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2003 Press Releases

Structural Proteomics Extends its Contributions: Method's Power Expands its Applicability to Earlier Stage R&D By Ellyn Kerr

Excerpt from Genetic Engineering News vol. 23, number 12, June 15, 2003

Eidogen (Pasadena, CA) also focuses on insilico methods to provide "reliable, high resolution structures for important targets," says Derek Debe, Ph.D., co-founder, president and CEO. Eidogen's Target Informatics Platform™ (TIP™) represents the industry's first enterprise-wide structural, comparative proteomics platform, according to Dr. Debe, to provide "all researchers in a discovery organization access to high-resolution structural information and informatics and analysis tools."

Eidogen's Structfast™ technology was in-licensed from the California Institute of Technology, then expanded to develop the firm's own algorithms: SeqFast™, for remote homology recognition, SiteSeeker™, for determining small-molecule binding sites. SiteSeeker in particular can reportedly identify hundreds of soluble-protein binding sites, a task that would otherwise require costly, small molecule screening or mutation experiments, Dr. Debe says.

Eidogen is currently involved in validation projects for its technologies with several potential customers, including domestic and Japan-based pharmas and biotechs.

The firm recently applied its technologies to determine structural and binding-site data for a protease drug target from the SARS virus, which Eidogen deposited last month into the publicly available Protein Databank (PDB ID: 1PA5).