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2003 Press Releases


New Company’s Name Reflects Focused Business Strategy

San Jose, Calif. - August 4, 2003 - Sertanty, Inc., a provider of software solutions and content for the drug discovery industry, announced today that it has acquired all the assets of Libraria, Inc., and will continue to develop, market and support Libraria's technology platform and knowledgebases. In addition, Sertanty has retained the core team of Libraria, which includes all of research and development as well as business development, as employees of the new company. Sertanty licenses its proprietary drug discovery platform, LUCIA™, and its knowledgebases to pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers to enable medicinal chemists to rapidly discover patentable new lead compounds. The new company also announced today the launch of its website at

"We have focused our resources on our core strengths - our technology platform and knowledgebases - and we believe our new name, Sertanty, conveys the confidence that our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers have in our software services and information content," said Roy Thiele- Sardina, Chairman of Sertanty. "In today's competitive drug discovery environment, Sertanty provides a unique advantage for our customers, to assist them in maximizing their drug discovery efforts."

Steven Muskal, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, commented, "We have created a multi-disciplinary software system that empowers drug discovery researchers with the ability to capture, share, survey and strategize through new and existing ideas while considering the ever-changing landscape of chemical and biological information. LUCIA™, our flagship product, facilitates a proactive and prospective exploration of synthetic strategies to arrive at new compositions of matter with probable potency, desired selectivity and favorable ADME characteristics."

About Sertanty, Inc.
Sertanty, Inc. is a drug discovery technology company that uses advanced empirical data and computational techniques to discover novel small molecules that can be transformed into orallyavailable drugs. The company's technology has the potential to significantly reduce the chemical synthesis efforts involved in discovering new small-molecule drugs by leveraging known molecular structures, synthesis protocols and bioactivity data. Sertanty’s senior management team has substantial corporate and operating expertise in profitable information technology companies such as Sun Microsystems and Brocade Communications, as well as successful life sciences companies such as Affymax and MDL Information Systems. The company recently completed its seed financing, led by leading life science and information technology investors Band of Angels, Highbar Ventures and Technofyn. Sertanty is well positioned to expand its operations through revenues from software and content licenses. Sertanty is based in San Jose, California.