TIP™ Web Portal

The TIP Web Portal is the backend interface with the TIP database, providing a user-friendly, secure, web-based interface for performing advanced querying and data extraction from the database. With the TIP Web Portal, users are enabled with sophisticated search and sorting tools which allow quick and easy retrieval of relevant structural and binding site information. Once a set of interesting targets is collected, the user exports a TIP Project file to their Windows or Linux desktop for analysis with the client-side tool, the Eidogen Visualization Environment (EVE™).

Key features of the TIP Web Portal include:

  • Structure Based Similarity Searching
  • Binding-Site Based Similarity Searching
  • Site-Ligand Interaction Fingerprint Similarity Searching
  • Multiple Limiting Filters to Extract only the Most Relevant Data
  • Sequence and Structure Upload Capabilities
  • Automated as well as Manual Binding Site Definitions
  • Automated STRUCTFAST Model-Building on Demand

TIP Portal